Distance: 4.5 km
Duration (average) : 01h30
Departure: Place François Mitterand
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From the Chaumontet district to the Pindray house, through passages between walls and gardens, from the Font Noire to the village district and the Saint-Michel church, discover a rich heritage§

Your itinerary


Step 1

Cross the main street and head for rue Pierre et Marie Curie. Turn left into the impasse du Vieux Chaumontet and walk to the Vieux Chaumontet cross.

Step 2

Turn left on rue Victor Hugo until you reach avenue de la République. Cross and enter the lane opposite.

Step 3

Cross rue Anatole France and take a pedestrian between the gardens. At rue du Souvenir, turn left, walk along the old cemetery then turn right towards a passage between the houses.

Step 4

On avenue Jean-Jaurès, turn left then rue Paul Langevin on the right. Take the first street on the right towards the Logis de Pindray, from the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries. Go along the surrounding wall of the house and take the chemin des Carrières on the left, going up the hillside. At the crossroads follow the path opposite. Continue on the path and follow a wooden barrier to the college.

Step 5

Follow the path along the sports facilities to rue Aristide Briand - Panorama sur L'Isle d'Espagnac. On the road, turn left, continue 200 m and turn right to take a passage in the direction of Font Noire. Pass a small bridge and walk in the wet area of ​​the Font Noire to the street of the pond.

Step 6

At the road, turn left. At the Romanesque church of Saint-Michel, go straight ahead then right, rue de Verdun as far as avenue Jean Jaurès. Turn right.

Step 7

At the crossroads, continue straight then turn left towards the starting point of the route.