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The path that takes you far – more than 1700 km of cycling routes in France

The Scandibérique is the French part of EuroVélo 3, a route linking Trondheim (Norway) to Santiago de Compostela (Spain), it covers more than 1700 km and crosses 20 departments, 4 regions and major cities such as Paris and Bordeaux. This course offers the freedom to experience pleasures as simple as they are essential, to make multiple urban or heritage discoveries, to fulfill a quest for well-being and reconnection... by following the path that takes you far.

La Scandibérique accompanies The Flow Bike to the “bubbles” of Angoulême. In the heart of the Bandiat valley, the “Coulée d'Oc” greenway reveals itself to the rhythm of its countryside and small villages steeped in Romanesque art. Shortly after Chazelles and its Quéroy caves, the route branches off towards Angoulême along the Touvre. It is good here to take the time to approach the amazing sources of this river, fed by underground water. Angoulême will be for comic book lovers much more than a stopover, a real pilgrimage to the heart of the 9th art!

After filling up on bubbles by following the unmissable diverticulum of the route of the painted walls, you will have to pick up the thread of La Scandibérique. It peacefully crosses Angoulême via the green corridor of the Charente, a veritable river corridor along which pass small ports and locks, cognac and pineau hillsides. Châteauneuf-sur-Charente, a major place for the sale of cognac, an eau-de-vie renowned throughout the world since 1700 and the leading alcohol in French exports, imposes a stopover. The end of this first cycling stage between Charente and Bordeaux continues through the heart of the vineyards to Barbezieux-St-Hilaire, two prestigious terroirs in a row.

For more information and inspiration, do not hesitate to consult the site of the Scandibérique !