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The International City of Comics and Images

The Moebius building is located on the site of an old abbey as evidenced by part of the stone elevations. Architect Roland Castro created a curved wall reflecting the landscape. The composition is reminiscent of an open book shot on the river.
The Moebius vessel houses a library specializing in comics, a panoramic restaurant, image schools, an arthouse cinema, a digital imaging laboratory.

Paper museum

Installed in the building-bridge over the Charente, the museum succeeds the industrial buildings of Joseph Bardou. Its factories manufactured "JOB" cigarette paper. Part of the production was shipped to the Middle East and especially to Egypt. One of the paper marks then bore the name "le Nil".

Hugo Pratt Footbridge

The Hugo Pratt footbridge, dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists, spans the river. Consisting of 3 articulated sections, by stair piles, it plays its role as a link between the Vaisseau Moebius, the paper museum, the schools of images and the Chais Magélis.
It hosts the statue of Corto Maltese proudly posted facing the ocean.

Marquet Island

Until the XNUMXth century, the island had an essentially agricultural vocation, then was devoted to various industrial activities.
It owes its current name to Pierre Bertrand Marquet who owned it from 1830 to 1856.
Of great ecological wealth, the island was classified Natura 2000 and can be discovered by following the interpretive path that goes around it.

Magelis cellars / Comic strip museum

The largest collection of original comic strips in Europe is preserved and presented to the public in the comic strip museum installed since 2009 in the completely renovated building of the cellars.
Behind the huge stone facade, on the West wing, there is also the Studios Paradis, a cinema museum that offers sumptuous sets.

Chateau Dampierre

Entirely rehabilitated in 1999, the Château Dampierre now houses the School of Animation Cinema. Built in 1856 on the banks of the river, this opulent bourgeois house was the property of the Léger and Dampierre families, then of the industrialist Lazarre Weiller in 1920.

The Alsatian House

Its architecture surprises in the regional landscape and recalls, with its elements of decorations and constructions, the traditional Alsatian habitat: Oriel, tiles in beaver's tail, half-timbered, carved wooden doors.


Michel OCELOT / 2013
Illuminated with blue LEDs at nightfall, the fresco depicts all the protagonists of the adventures of the small and valiant KIRIKOU.

The green flow / the Flow bike

The Charente river was once a communication route and an essential commercial axis. There remains of this rich past a historical and natural heritage to be discovered and safeguarded. Since 1997, the Greater Angoulême Agglomeration Community has been developing the towpath on the entire crossing of the agglomeration between Saint-Yrieix and Nersac on which the Véloroute "la Flow vélo" from the Dordogne to the Ocean passes today. Atlantic

Port l'Houmeau

The district developed around a port created in 1280 by royal order of Philippe le Hardi. It reached its peak in the XNUMXth century and in the first half of the following century. It was a district of trade and commerce, prosperous until the arrival of the railway in Angoulême in the middle of the XNUMXth century.

Regional Contemporary Art Fund FRAC Poitou Charente

The contemporary architecture of the new FRAC Poitou Charentes building mixes steel, glass and concrete, and leaves an important place to natural light. It houses a temporary exhibition space of 265 m2.
The transparency of the facade opens the building wide to the outside and offers its users a magnificent view of the river.

Saint-Jacques church in l'Houmeau

Its name recalls that the primitive church welcomed pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela in the Middle Ages. This was replaced in 1843 by a new church in 1843 by a new church in the neo-classical style, the work of Paul Abadie senior.

Alpha media library

More than a media library, the Alpha was designed by the architect Françoise Raynaud as a place with multiple services and resources.
The five superimposed buildings open to the outside through large bay windows are called "Worlds"

Lucien, Peyo and the station

The giant statue of Lucien, a famous rocker created by MARGERIN, stands on the roof of the station. Also find the Smurfs on the risers of the stairs leading to the platforms.
The hall houses the representations of characters.

The obelisk and the menhir

It was the René-Goscinny Institute that initiated its creation.
This comic book obelisk, created to pay homage to René Goscinny, screenwriter of Asterix, was erected on the forecourt of Angoulême station.
The monument weighs 7 tons and is 4,5 meters high. It contains cult replicas of the Asterix albums.
There are a total of 82 quotes taken from the scriptwriter's works, including Asterix, Lucky Luke, Iznogoud, Le Petit Nicolas, Les Dingodossiers...
Some of these formulas are familiar to us:
"These Romans are crazy", "Being afraid that the sky will fall on our heads", "Shooting faster than your shadow"...

Joined in 2021 by the menhir erected in tribute to the designer UDERZO, co-author of the adventures of the little Gaul.

The Archivist

Francois Schuiten
It's not quite a painted wall, but 1 million holes on stainless steel plates reproduce a drawing by François Schuiten on 2.000m2 of facade.
The tower of the departmental archives is transformed thanks to François Schuiten, Belgian cartoonist of comics.
Indeed, 1000 stainless steel plates form an image that is related to the mission housed in the monument, namely: the departmental archives.
It represents Franz KAFKA under a mountain of books.

1st RIMA rooted in its city

The 26th painted wall of Angoulême with the image of the 1st Marine Infantry Regiment of Angoulême was inaugurated in November 2020. The wall located rue du tunnel is visible from boulevard de la République. This fresco composed of key elements in the history of the regiment is signed by Fawzi Baghdadli of the Atelier du Marquis. In partnership with the 1st RIMA, the Town Hall of Angoulême has entrusted the construction of the work to Cité Création.

A Saturday in Malakoff

Frank Margerin / 2000
The original wall has become a pavilion, symbol of a time when life was good in working-class suburbs... The hero, Lucien, contrasts with his black jacket, his banana hairstyle and his motorbike.

Lucky Luke, The Daltons and Jolly Jumper

Morris / 2001
The morphology of the brick and stone wall and its many bricked-up windows offer an ideal setting to stage the 4 DALTON brothers, Lucky LUKE and his faithful horse Jolly Jumper.

Dirty brats

Berlion and Corbeyran / 2003
In front of us a gang of kids appears at the corner of a street in Lyon in the 60s. The kids seem surprised to see us, as if caught in the act.

The daughter of the ramparts

Max Cabins / 2004
The blue shades of this 120m2 trompe l'oeil recall the south of France and more specifically Béziers, the birthplace of Max CABANES.
A woman leans on the ramparts which extend into those of Angoulême.

Les Halles

Built by the architect Edouard Warin and the engineer Pommier, the halls replaced the Châtelet, a former 1888th century fortified castle in XNUMX.
century subsequently transformed into a prison. This beautiful architecture combining iron and glass is directly inspired by Parisian models and in particular
of the central halls of Paris.

Uderzo's cosmos

Francois BOUCQ / 2021
This work created by François Boucq and produced by the muralist Moon pays tribute to the father of Asterix and Obelix. In the center of this huge 200 m2 fresco, Albert UDERZO is seated at his drawing table from which his heroes emerge . Tribute completed by the menhir on the forecourt of the station.


Zep / 2005
This work depicts the young hero with the rebellious lock at the time of his professional orientation. On 4 vertically arranged panels, ZEP, FIBD Grand Prix in 2004, features Titeuf facing a guidance counsellor.