Distance: 10 km
Duration (average) : 03h
Elevation: 122 D +
Departure: Place Saint-Jacques
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As the water flows
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Public transport stop within 500 m
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Why we love

Take to the heights on the Chemin de la Messe linking the town to the village of Les Riffauds, then descend slowly towards La Touvre, discovering magnificent panoramas from East to West.

Your itinerary


Step 1

Head towards the roundabout and take Rue Camille Pelletan. Place du Champ de Mars, turn left into Rue Poitevin alongside the car park and go to the Hôtel de Ville.

Step 2

Cross the gardens of the Hôtel de Ville and continue on Rue Raspail. Go past the small square and its intersections.

Step 3

Continue leaving Rue Laennec on the left.
A few tens of meters further, notice a dead end on the right, Chemin du Bac du Chien which will be our way back.

Step 4

At the "Madame Curie" bus stop, enter the Site de la Porte. Go along the media library then the nursing home, and continue through the playgrounds. Go down to the right towards Chemin de la Messe and follow it for about 300 m.

Step 5

Go up to the right on the hillside to cross the arboretum then go down again on the Chemin de la Messe. Continue to the right until the Route des Riffauds.

Step 6

Follow it to the right. At the crossroads, turn right to continue along Rue des Riffauds to Place des Riffauds. See the old school and the chapel in the square.

Step 7

Take Chemin de Touvre to the right of the school. Ignore all the lanes and continue to the gravel road which you follow for about 2 km - wide panorama from East to West, from the Bois-Blanc forest to the Puys de Champniers via Angoulême.

Arrive at Route de la Combe du Cormier, which you take to the right as far as the stop sign.

Step 8

Cross the Route des Sources on the protected passage on the right. Go up to the left and turn quickly into the Impasse du Peu. Continue on the path for about 1 km with another wide panorama.
After a right turn at the entrance to the forest, arrive at an intersection.

Step 9

Take the path to the right which overlooks the Touvre.
At Rue des Serres, see the access to La Touvre on the right by following the regulations.
Return to the path which climbs gently towards the Route des Sources.

Step 10

Cross it and follow it to the left using the sidewalk. Go past the "Madame Curie" bus stop.

Step 11

Turn left Chemin du Bac du Chien, then take the footpath on the right. Cross the stream, continue on the left by the Rue de Verdun. Turn left to reach the church.
From the church square, make a round trip to Rue de l'Abreuvoir - access to La Touvre - before continuing on to Rue de la Vergnade.

Step 12

At the stop sign at the intersection with Rue du Maréchal Joffre, turn left onto Impasse de la Passerelle and cross La Touvre.
At the end of the Relette footbridge, follow the paved road, before passing under the railway line, follow Rue Pierre de Coubertin to the right as far as the stop sign.

Step 13

Continue to the right via Rue Joliot Curie. Follow it to the roundabout. Turn right to reach the starting point