Distance: 14 km
Duration (average) : 04h00
Elevation: 59 D +
Departure: Nautical stop
Not recommended in bad weather
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Recommended in hot weather
Registered with the PDIPR
As the water flows
Yellow markings
In the countryside
View of the vineyard

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Why we love

Go for a beautiful hike along the Charente, discover the village of Sireuil, then take to the heights for an immersion in the heart of the Cognac vineyard.

Your itinerary


Step 1

Go up towards the road and go opposite the bridge. Pass in front of the campsite and turn right into the beautiful shaded path, then left to go up towards the road. Observe the Font Chaton wash house.
Then take the Route des Distilleries to the left – go down the ramp on the left for a return trip to discover the old wash house.
Back, continue left.

Step 2

At the crossroads, take the Route des Grands Champs opposite. Continue straight ahead on Chemin des Combes.
You can see on the left the silos located at the old station and the buildings of the old tannery.

Step 3

Turn left when you reach Route de Chez les Rois and left again on the next street.
Cross the D7 to reach the XNUMXth century Logis housing the town hall.

Step 4

Climb the steps, descend to the left to pass in front of the church. Go down the lane on the left that goes to the Charente.
Go along the banks of the river to the right for 1 km.

Step 5

Turn right before the power lines. Notice the wash house when you reach the road.
Cross to take the Venelle des Amelins opposite.
At the end, follow the road to the right.

Step 6

At the fork, leave the road for the white path on the right. - notice while climbing the ditches cut in the rock.

Step 7

Turn right behind the house. Go straight until the Carrefour de la Croix Chevalière.
On the plateau, a magnificent panorama of hills planted with vines is offered to the hiker; on the right stands the steeple of the church of Saint-Simeux.

Step 8

Slant left. Ignore a start of the path on the right and continue to the hamlet of Brandes - beautiful Charente gateway.
Turn right and immediately left to follow the Voie des Champignonnières.

Step 9

At the end, take the Venelle du Vieux Puits opposite – which is off course on the left in the grassy path at the exit of the village.
Continue to the right along the Chemin des Puits - these are ventilation shafts for the mushroom beds.
Along the vines.

Step 10

Turn right at the corner of the wood and walk up to a road. Take the Route de Chante Alouette opposite.

Step 11

At the crossroads, turn left into the white path that climbs towards Cheville: note the stones that enclose the first house in the village.
Turn left at the Stop sign and immediately right Rue des Groizilliers.

Step 12

At the bend in Rue du Point de Vue, turn left into Chemin des Vignes, first gravelled, then grassy. Go down to the crossroads.

Step 13

Turn right. Follow Route de l'Ageasson to the right as far as the gas station.

Step 14

Turn left to descend towards the Charente.

Step 15

Follow the towpath to the right. The marker set up on the Chemin des Gabarriers by the Municipal Youth Council indicates 2,5 km to the nautical base.
Off course, see the left bank lock after the bridge.