Distance: 6 km
Duration (average) : 02h
Departure: Place Saint-Jacques
In the city
SNCF station less than 500 m away
Public transport stop within 500 m
At the water's edge
Bus stop within 500 m
In the historic center

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Why we love

This unmarked circuit is an invitation to stroll along the Touvre and in the old suburbs of Ruelle. Desks installed on the course will tell you about the past and the present of the city.

Your itinerary


The old post

Head towards the roundabout – discover the history of the old post office on the desk.
Take Rue Camille Pelletan, and immediately follow Rue de la Vergnade on the right.

The Relette Footbridge

At the intersection with Rue du Maréchal Joffre, see, Impasse de la Passerelle, the fresco and the Relette footbridge - read its story on the desk.
Do not hesitate to go back and forth in the dead ends Rue du Port, Rue de l'Abreuvoir, all giving access to La Touvre – see on the desk the history of the old mill of the village.
Return and continue to the Saint-Médard church - panel on the wall.

Saint-Medard Church

Take Rue de Verdun to the right after the church. In the second bend, cross the stream to the right, follow it and turn left, Impasse du "bac du chien", name of the stream that will flow into the Touvre.

Gate website

Follow Rue Madame Curie to the right. At the "Madame Curie" bus stop, cross and enter the Site de la Porte which once housed the school for foundry apprentices – see sign.
Go along the media library then the nursing home, and continue through the playgrounds.

The Dog Tray

Go down to Rue René Laennec and continue to the right on Chemin de la Messe for about 50 m. Go left into the plain then head towards the trees on the left. Go along the building and follow the “dog tray”. Cross the small footbridge and continue in the mini park which leads to pétanque courts.
Continue along Rue Calmette then find Rue René Laennec which you take to the right.

City Hall

Turn right, and go straight to the town hall garden.
Go along the facade of the town hall, cross Rue Jean Maurice Poitevin and follow the pedestrian crossing under the old dovecote.
Cross Avenue du President Wilson and continue along Rue Léo Lagrange, which runs along the back of the Naval Group site.

Logis de Fissac

At the roundabout, take Route de Champniers on the right and leave immediately for Rue de Bellevue on the left. Continue on Rue de Beauregard. At the intersection with the Route de Gond-Pontouvre, is opposite the Moulin de la Terrière (private).
Continue to the right to walk along the park through which the Touvre flows, which once turned the wheel of the Fissac mill.

Fissac Footbridge

Take the passage on the left leading to the Fissac footbridge – discover its history on the desk. Cross the Touvre. At the end, take Rue des Vosges on the left, continue Rue des Seguins.

Building 87

After the old school building, turn left towards the canoe club and follow the river. On the opposite bank, you can see Fissac's house presented here on a desk. We arrive further on at the imposing “87 building”, in the Eiffel style – see desk.

the gargoyle

Return to the path along the Touvre to reach Rue François 1er. See the gargoyle on the top of the remains of the Renaissance house that hosted François 1er in the bend.
Turn right on Rue du Pont-Neuf then at the crossroads on the left Rue Charles Moraud – see on the left the trolley that served the foundry and further on the wash house at the bottom of the car park.

Place Montalembert

Turn right on Rue Jean Jaurès to arrive at Place Montalembert where the former national foundry is located – see desk. On the island is the François 1er fountain moved here from the Maine Gagnaud district.