Distance: 9.5 km
Duration (average) : 03h00
Elevation: 77 D +
Departure: Place de la Chapelle
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Why we love

This spicy-scented hamlet offers superb views of the surrounding countryside and the town of Angoulême.

Your itinerary


Step 1

After reading the story of the XNUMXth century Leper Chapel, take Rue de la Muscade to the right.

Step 2

Nearby, admire the Viville wash house, the name of the river that flows into the Touvre. Retrace your steps to turn left and take rue de la Sauge. At the next crossing, turn right to take a white path. Then, take rue des Léchères. After the last house, take the path on the right which descends towards the Viville stream which you cross to reach rue de la Marjolaine.

Step 3

At the intersection, follow rue du Basilic on the right.
Off course, make a detour by taking the impasse du Câpre to admire the home of Chamarande. After the pumping station, take the chemin du Persil on the left. Continue straight, follow the path to reach the heights of Viville. Arrive on chemin de l'Anis étoiles, then rue de l'Anis on the left. At the next intersection, turn left into rue du Safran.

Step 4

Keep going straight. After the kennel, magnificent view of the Angoulême plateau. Go around the hut on the right to take the path that goes towards the vines. Continue straight for 1 km, be careful crossing the road.

Step 5

Continue straight ahead for 500 meters. At the end, turn right to take the old Roman road. This Roman road serves to delimit the communes of Champniers and Brie. At the end of the Roman road, turn right to take a white path to Rue de l'Armoise, which you descend to the left.

Step 6

After the Bouillons washhouse turn right, turn right rue du Curcuma. Then, rue de la Lavande. Cross rue de la Ciboulette to reach rue de l'Estragon. At the end, turn right then take rue de la Sauge and rue de la Muscade to reach Place de la Chapelle.
You can also take Rue de la Vanille to admire the magnificent porches and mansions of the XNUMXth century.